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Biography & Artist Statement

         Melody Maradiaga is a multifaceted artist from South Florida. She is currently studying Art Education at Florida International University. She began her career teaching art in different mediums at The Gard Gallery, a children’s art studio in 2010. Since then, she has worked in many different creative environments teaching students of all ages. Melody always saw art as a healing modality and wanted to demonstrate to her students how she uses visual art as a creative outlet for any turmoil she is experiencing.


   She currently teaches at a modern schoolhouse, Space of Mind in Delray Beach, FL as an Art Coach for Students K-12, teaching a class called Art Expressions, a class students reflect on their emotions through art. She also owns a small business, Conscious Creations Inc. She wanted to share her process in a way others too can experience the energetic release when expressing themselves through a painting medium. She created a class called “Mindful Painting” and hosts them as events and parties through her small business. Melody begins her sessions with a guided meditation and includes different healing modalities such as reiki, aromatherapy, sound healing, card pulling and of course, painting. This helps her guests tap into what it is they want to express, and she assists them with creating their vision on canvas. Her intention is to open the space for thought provoking conversations while building community. When the class is over, everyone leaves with a painting that came from their heart and mind.


       For more information on attending one of her Mindful Painting Events or Book a Private Party, please visit her business website at

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       Most importantly, Melody creates imaginative and thought-provoking paintings and murals for those who have a story to tell. Although there is a spontaneous and unique approach to all her pieces, her earthy wood nymph series, characterized by a beautifully surreal atmosphere, became wildly popular and a signature theme in her work. Testing out different mediums and canvases from large murals to body painting, her preferred medium is acrylic paint on stretched canvas. Her goal is to connect shared human experiences and sentiments to the simple nature that trees represent. Since the ancient times throughout many different cultures, trees have symbolized some of the most vital components that make up humanity such as fertility, nourishment, transformation, growth, strength, wisdom, life and death. She begins her process by writing out the words that epitomize the message she wants to convey then begin to sketch out human-like trees in a way that expresses those very words. Once the idea is complete, she creates a mystic landscape to house her sketch that is then brought to life with vibrant colors.


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